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RFK Jr. Captures Highest Net Favorability in 2024 Presidential Race Defying Censorship Attempts

Robert Kennedy Jr., a renowned environmental lawyer, and Democratic presidential candidate, has garnered widespread public support, making a huge impact in the 2024 presidential race, according to a recent poll by the Economist-YouGov.

The findings reveal that Kennedy holds the highest net favorability among all candidates, surpassing the front-runners from both major political parties.

The poll, conducted from June 10-13 among 1,500 U.S. adults, shows that Kennedy enjoys a favorable rating from 49% of respondents, while only 30% hold an unfavorable view of him, resulting in a net favorability of 19 points.

Both President Biden and former President Trump received a favorable view from 44 percent of respondents, marking the second-highest percentage for both. However, Biden had a net favorability rating of minus-9, whereas Trump had a net favorability rating of minus-10.

Mainstream Media's Misrepresentation Fuels Public Interest

Kennedy's growing popularity has been met with vociferous opposition from the establishment media.

As he gains ground and garners increased public support, mainstream media outlets are resorting to character assassination and misrepresentation rather than engaging in substantive dialogue.

Major news organizations such as NBC, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, NPR, Business Insider, and countless others have arrogantly shrugged off Kennedy's views as “misinformation” almost by default.

They have failed to provide robust counterarguments or challenge his assertions with verifiable evidence.

This lopsided approach by media outlets raises questions about their journalistic integrity and fairness, as they contribute to the growing disillusionment of the general public.

Rather than engaging in productive discussions, these outlets perpetuate a narrative that dismisses Kennedy's legitimate concerns and disregards the remarkable support he has generated.

He’s been labeled a conspiracy theorist, anti-vaxxer, and even the “leader of everybody’s brain worms”?

Special shout out to MSNBC for that shameless ad hominem attack.

They spend more time brainstorming corny critiques of RFK Jr. than formulating substantive arguments to challenge his core policy positions.

It’s easier for them to brazenly label a populist, heterodox candidate like Kennedy a purveyor of “misinformation sickness” (same silly Chris Hayes clip) rather than succinctly demonstrate to the American public why his ideas are apparently wrong.

Jordan B. Peterson Podcast Censorship

Earlier this month, Kennedy joined Jordan Peterson’s podcast as a guest on an episode titled, “Rekindling the Spirit of the Classic Democrat” which has since been taken down.

After violating YouTube's ambiguous terms of service concerning vaccine misinformation, the episode was removed from the platform.

A Google representative mentioned that the Jordan Peterson channel video mentioned that the video from the Jordan Peterson channel was removed for violating YouTube's general policy on vaccine misinformation.

The policy explicitly prohibits content that claims vaccines cause chronic side effects, except for rare side effects recognized by the all-powerful health authorities.

Kennedy expressed his disapproval of YouTube's decision on Twitter. In his tweet, he also expressed gratitude to Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, for allowing the podcast to be shared on his platform.

As he transcends traditional party lines, his rising popularity transmutes censorship into the Streisand Effect, making attempts to suppress his message backfire by generating more public interest.

They’re even maligning Joe Rogan for bringing Kennedy on as a guest last week. Rogan tweeted a $100,000 invitation to American Vaccinologist Peter Hotez to debate the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines with RFK Jr. on his show.

Others like Patrick Bet-David, Steve Kirsch, Bill Ackman, and Nicholas Bugalli have also offered more money bringing the total pool to $600,000+.

Of course, Hotez still rejected the invitation.

There have been tens of millions of more eyes on RFK Jr. since this debacle started, which further exemplifies this trend, as attempts to suppress alternative perspectives only fuel public curiosity and enhance his credibility among those disillusioned with traditional media narratives.

Kennedy's Favorability and the Uphill Battle Ahead

Despite Kennedy's surging favorability and widespread appeal across the political spectrum, he faces roadblocks in the form of unfair exclusion from the Democratic Primary debates.

Kennedy, along with other notable figures like Marianne Williamson, has been denied the opportunity to challenge President Biden on the debate stage, stifling democratic discourse and limiting voters' choices.

This censorship of dissenting voices speaks to a broader malaise within the Democratic establishment, which fears Kennedy's potential to disrupt the political status quo.

Mainstream media's failure to engage substantively and their misrepresentation of his viewpoints only add fuel to the fire.

As the 2024 presidential race unfolds, Kennedy's growing favorability and the mounting fear among the establishment indicate that his message resonates with a significant portion of the population.

Washington is worried.

Worried Kennedy may actually generate enough groundswell to force Biden to debate him publicly.

All they can do is smear him, but will it work?

It remains to be seen how RFK Jr. will continue to navigate the challenges ahead and whether his rising popularity will translate into a successful bid for the presidency.

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