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Pro-Ukraine Group Suspected of Sabotaging Russia's Nord Stream Gas Pipelines

Updated: 6 days ago

Last year's explosions on the Nord Stream pipeline could possibly have been the doing of a pro-Ukraine faction, according to a New York Times report.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The authorities in Ukraine have rejected any knowledge of or implication in the incident as countries in the West keep delving into the situation.

Sources have reportedly informed the New York Times that the blasts that occurred in September that damaged the Nord Stream gas lines were likely the work of individuals or groups that harbor animosity towards Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Remember when Seymour Hersh sounded the alarm about intentional Western sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines?

Well, Hersh had an unnamed source that claimed the U.S. bombed the pipelines in a special CIA operation, involving the Navy, ordered by Biden. This “unnamed source” would become the byword used to discredit his journalism.

The mainstream media, including the New York Times, completely ignored his bombshell reporting while the White House said the accusation was "utterly false and complete fiction."

Despite Hersh’s decades of experience covering polarizing conflicts from the Vietnam War in 1969 to the commando raid that killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011, the American media bureaucracy rejected his substack article as conspiratorial.

The prevailing narrative for nearly six months was Russia destroyed its own pipelines because Putin is a crazy person who will stop at nothing to win this war.

This narrative survived even though eliminating the pipeline wreaked havoc across the Russian energy sector and the broader Russian economy further straining military operations.

It seems like the Biden administration is walking that one back now.

Now, almost exactly a month later, U.S. intelligence per the NYT report is suggesting a different narrative.

I’ll point out that none of the three journalists involved in this NYT report named the particular source of the intelligence.

So, should we disregard the reporting?

Of course not.

This is relatively common in journalism, but the brazen dismissal of Hersh for doing the same reveals the media industry’s pedantry, hypocrisy, and ironic lack of self-awareness.

American experts have examined evidence suggesting the individuals responsible were either from Ukraine or Russia and favored Kyiv, as the report stated.

The report did not point fingers at Ukrainian leadership in regards to the attack, and Mykhailo Podolyak, a senior aide to President Volodymir Zelensky, proclaimed that Kyiv had "absolutely no connection" to the incident.

This is hard to believe.

So, they are telling the American people that the Ukrainian leadership under Zelensky who received $100B+ from us is either so incompetent that they did not know this sabotage took place or so ineffectual that they did not take necessary action to prevent said sabotage.

In my estimation, the third and most likely scenario is Zelensky’s administration was complicit in this crime.

Previously, the West and Russia have gone back and forth in blaming each other, although no concrete evidence has been presented. Russia adamantly denied any wrongdoing and asked the US to provide proof of its innocence concerning the Nord Stream gas pipelines.

As a consequence of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Putin in February, Russia stopped supplying Europe with energy after a number of Western sanctions were imposed on the Kremlin. Gazprom, the holder of the Nord Stream pipeline, observed a 50% drop in their revenue due to these events.

Last month, the Russian government proposed a United Nations draft resolution to initiate an international inquiry, as reported by Reuters, while the United States, Germany, Sweden, and Denmark continue to conduct their own inquiries.

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