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Pentagon Leaker Arrested For Exposing America’s Pressure Campaign and Ukraine War Lies

Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old in the Massachusetts Air National Guard's Intelligence Wing, was arrested yesterday by the FBI at his mother's house in North Dighton, MA, and charged under the espionage act today.


This arrest comes in the wake of the unauthorized disclosure of highly sensitive US intelligence information to social media outlets, which caused alarm in both Washington and Kyiv.

The leaked documents indicated a warning that Ukraine's air defenses were in danger of depleting and divulged how the US government keeps tabs on nations it considers allies.

Since the news broke out that a considerable amount of confidential military paperwork was being circulated on social media, US government entities have been making an effort to identify the leaker.

With the help of the Washington Post & The New York Times, the FBI received all the information they needed to arrest Teixeira.

In the WaPo article titled “He’s from a patriotic family– and allegedly leaked U.S. secrets.” they describe him as a libertarian concerned about government overreach, specifically citing Waco, TX and Ruby Ridge, Idaho federal raids as reasons to be skeptical of the government.

Apparently, he had shared interests with his friends in Glock handguns, gaming, and Catholicism.

They go on to impugn his character calling him an anti-Semitic racist because of an apparent video showing him spewing racial slurs, but there seems to be no hard evidence to defend this claim.

Honestly, even if it were true… who cares?

How does individual prejudice affect the veracity of over 300 pages of leaked DOD documents showing questionable, and even corrupt, behavior by our federal government?

It’s a smokescreen.

Instead of investigating the shocking revelations from the leaked documents, the two biggest paid-subscription news websites in the U.S. [NYT at 6 Million Subs & WaPo at 3 Million Subs] decided to investigate the character of the 21-year-old gamer who exposed our government’s extreme lies.

These swampish legacy media outlets still wonder why people question their journalistic intent.

There’s a legitimate reason to be concerned about the plausibility of truthful dissemination emerging from ostensibly state-affiliated media like the aforementioned organizations.

Why else would they do the government’s dirty work for them? What’s their motive?

What About the Discord Server?

An unexpected international incident that made headlines began in an ordinary chatroom on Discord with only a few participants.

The group, named Thug Shaker Central, was made up of approximately 20-30 individuals, predominantly men, who connected online during the pandemic when other options for socializing were limited.

This collective had a shared interest in firearms and military equipment, in addition to watching movies together or just having a chat, as described by one of the younger members of the collective to the Washington Post.

At the helm of the organization was a person they referred to as "OG," who shared US government documents with their peers to make them aware of international happenings, according to a person involved with the group that spoke to the Washington Post.

These docs weren't meant to be seen by a multitude of people, yet at the end of February, someone from the group posted some of the records to a Discord server associated with a well-known Filipino YouTuber, and the secret was out— the files were eventually posted on 4chan and Twitter for everyone to view.

The NYT conversed with members of Thug Shaker Central, who preferred to keep the identity of OG anonymous, but the FBI managed to make the connection that OG was in fact, Teixeira.

How are the Leaked Docs Relevant to Ukraine?

Shocking security failures were revealed when documents concerning the war in Ukraine were leaked from the Pentagon.

The leaked documents have shone a light on the comprehensive engagement of U.S. intelligence agencies in the country. As they have lost faith in Ukraine's transparency, they anticipate that the impending counterattack will end in a deadlock.

Consequently, they have resorted to eavesdropping on conversations between Ukrainian authorities and Zelenskyy in order to obtain up-to-date information about the situation.

Moreover, Washington is deeply engaged in the day-to-day management of the conflict, bestowing Ukraine with extensive intelligence, logistics, and weapon coordination.

Unearthed Geopolitical Truths

China: The US is worried that the burgeoning ties between Beijing and Moscow could mean arms being passed to Russia.

Washington presumes that if the Ukrainians are able to achieve a major victory or eliminate a top leader, China might use that as a justification for taking action.

South Korea: Seoul was initially hesitant to arm Ukraine, which was causing pressure from America.

U.S. intelligence then proceeded to investigate South Korean officials, creating tension and unease and in the alliance between Washington and Seoul, as well as among the South Korean people.

However, South Korea eventually consented to provide the U.S. with 500,000 artillery shells that were assumed to be destined for Ukraine.

Israel: Israel and South Korea were in a similar situation, both being small nations that wanted to avoid conflict yet were closely associated with the United States.

One of the exposed documents was labeled "Israel: Pathways to Providing Lethal Aid to Ukraine", which looked into potential approaches to urge Israel to supply lethal support to Ukraine.

One scenario scrutinized the probability of Israel mistakenly attacking Russian soldiers during an airstrike in Syria, leading to involvement.

I’m not sure about you, but this sounds a bit Gulf of Tonkin-y & Northwoody to me…

Egypt: The US provides Cairo with around $1.3 billion in military aid every year, making it a crucial American ally.

The Pentagon leaks revealed that American intelligence was aware of President Sisi's secret plot to supply Russia with rockets.

If it is true, Washington may have to rethink its support for the Middle Eastern nation. However, authorities in Egypt have refuted the claims.

Turkey: US intelligence uncovered that Turkish representatives held conversations with Russian military contractors concerning weapon sales.

Even though Turkey is a NATO member and has since provided lethal assistance to Ukraine, it impeded Sweden's accession to NATO and has utilized Russian and Chinese trade to foster its economy during the conflict.

What Does This All Mean?

Although it may appear that the U.S. and its allies are jointly devoted to helping Ukraine and putting a stop to the Russian invasion, Pentagon leaks demonstrate that several countries are either loath to take Ukraine's side or not eager to become embroiled in the altercation.

The records also demonstrate that Russia and China were accurate in interpreting the Ukraine war as a U.S. proxy war.

The U.S. is actively engaged in the conflict, with at least a dozen [likely much more] soldiers on the ground, and exerting pressure on other nations to become involved as well.

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