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Media Distorts Conservative Concerns About Child Sex-Reassignment Surgery

In the last few years, many states have created or passed laws that try to restrict the influence of transgender rights on children.

At least 11 states have forbidden minors from receiving treatments such as puberty blockers, hormone therapy, or gender transition surgeries that could be considered "gender-affirming care".

Additionally, some states have legislation that forces transgender kids to compete in school sports teams and use bathrooms that relate to their birth sex.

Risks Associated with Gender-Affirming Care

The medical age of consent in most U.S. states is 18, yet the medical sector, activists, and the federal government are attempting to expand access to these treatments for children.

There are also several risks linked to "gender-affirming care" such as infertility and irreversible side effects.

Additionally, there is evidence that the sex change industry is exploiting autistic children.

Progressive Portrayal

Left-leaning sources have suggested that the bills in question are “anti-transgender”. However, they do not contain any expression of hatred towards those who identify as transgender nor do they ban adults from transitioning.

Rather, they are an attempt to prevent minors from undergoing potentially hazardous treatments.

The media's discourse on this issue has enabled the emergence of an extreme transgender movement associated with the Nashville Shooting.

Creating a Rift

The intent of these bills is to guard minors from the lasting results of medical treatments that many later regret; however, progressives are misrepresenting them as an assault on trans rights.

This strategy has become common among the left, depicting conservative outlooks on trans matters as extreme to manufacture discord and encourage trans activism.

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